Phuket International AirportTour To Health  Tour to Health

Phuket International AirportTour To Health Tour to Health

Are you bored of your travel habits? A good place to switch to a different travel types and full of adventure, is the largest island of Thailand. A Phuket is also known as the pearl of the Andaman Islands. Phuket International Airport is the gateway to Phuket, the airport has a lot of flights to Phuket, which are located on the north side. This airport is also a famous tourist destination and the second busiest airport in Thailand. Phuket International Airport, welcomes both domestic and international flights, with service to its two terminals.

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April, there you can enjoy a good time to go to Thailand. There may be rainy but temperatures are always welcome. During this time you will have the option to visit other places if you want to know and go to the beach in good weather.

Phuket Fantasy, subjects exposed to both a cultural and entertainment for young and old. The city covers many events such as carnivals, shopping centers, handmade items, restaurants and entertainment.

One of the places recommended Simon Cabaret is Phuket, which is also known as the mother of all nightclubs, is one of the main attractions of this place h gained much admiration and respect of both their local and foreign visitors. Simon Cabaret is a must on your trip to Phuket, so its uniqueness in terms of entertainment.

Chalong Temple is the temple of Phuket popular and famous destination for many tourists. It has statues of Luang Por as Chaung, and Luang Por Gluam.

When you are tired of the beaches and want to go somewhere different then you have the option of traveling to see the waterfalls in Phuket and the best time to visit is in the rainy season when the water is coming out of the lake and gives creation of other wonderful scenic beauty. At the site there are three waterfalls, these are: Ton Sai Waterfall, Waterfall Bang Pae Waterfall and Kathu Sai.

Thai boxing, also known as Muay boxing is the national sport of Thailand and is a type of hard practice martial art in which the boxer uses kicks and punches in the ring to fight each other. It is really a game worth seeing there. Boxing Muay The tradition includes a feature that is important to give respect to teachers. The fighters are called Muay, that when carrying out three steps are initiation, training and participation in competitions.

Whether you’re taking flights to Phuket for the first time or have arrived there earlier, then you know the real reason more charm that shows all the time. A stay we only wish you bon voyage!

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