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Males are often characterized as craving sex much more often than females in their younger years, particularly in their teens and 20′s. But, if a woman’s sexual peak sprouts later in life, particularly in her mid-30s and beyond, what are the reasons that men suddenly find themselves trying to keep up with a woman’s sexual appetite? Body Comfort Increases When it comes to the distinct body differences of the male and female gender, it obviously won’t take too long for a boy to realize he has penis and get over its initial strange factor. But the female body is much more complex, especially considering a woman’s curves are a lot less easy to cover up than a man’s private parts.

Therefore, it will take a girl a lot longer to get comfortable with her body. By the time a woman hits her 30′s and 40′s, she has had enough experiences, and most likely has procreated at least once, and is much more comfortable with her body. This creates a sexual freedom that her previous anxieties would have complicated. The Fertility Clock is Ticking Older men in their late 30′s and beyond will often need some sexual assistance, such as male enhancement supplements at, to keep up with the sexual peak of women who become more aware of their biological clock ticking and fertility coming to an end. Many women subconsciously equate femininity with fertility and seek to enjoy the sexual thrills that they may have suppressed in the past.

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