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Posted by Rainah Goldfeather Posted in Uncategorized Posted on 08-10-2010

The “Better Health Today Manual” has been

prepare for all those willing to learn how

to achieve better health the natural way.

I cannot sing the praises enough about this wonderful, jam packed, manual.

If you are sick and need help, or are caring for someone that is sick, this manual is for you. It is Natural, Safe, Simple, Effective and Affordable. It is the solution to better health.

We each have been given the right to utilize the logic that God has given us. You can learn how to give back to the body that which it had available when it was CREATED. It is Time to Turn The Health Care Crisis Around!

It is time to take our power back and step up to better health.

How to Live Better�"How to Get Well�" How to Stay Well�"How to Think�"What to Eat and What Not to Eat�"What to Avoid�"What to Feed Your Organs and Functions�"How to Raise High-grade Brains and Mind as Well as First-class Livers and Bile, Kidneys and Urine, Stomachs and Juices�"How to Keep or Get Youthful, Useful and Brainful�"if you want HEALTH, WISDOM, HAPPINESS Right in Your Own Home, anywhere and everywhere you go �" Then look no further than The Better Health Manual

Just as there is Law of Gravity, Law of Relativity and Law of Attraction there is also the Law of Health and Disease. Science has now proven how the body works at the cellular level. Unfortunately , what you will find is that the Law of Health and Disease is not currently taken into consideration nor is it being factored into the diagnosis, prognosis, medical treatment and procedures administered to millions today. Until we educate ourselves with these scientific findings families will continue to see the medical industry reap the rewards from their pain and suffering.

The information in this manual will provide you the facts, the resources and a support group that helps you learn and helps you apply this new found knowledge, the knowledge that will take you to better health.

We MUST STOP making decisions about our health and the health of others based on information that has not been scientifically proven.

Vital information, about the way to better health is lacking in the medical mainstream system as well as the alternative health care community.

Within the pages of this manual, you will discover as I did, how very easy it is for you to help the body restore its ability to produce an environment that will not [and can not] host ANY disease.

Science has proved that the human body was Created perfectly.  As you learn how the human body works at the cellular level you will begin to think very differently about health and disease forever.

The body was created to maintain optimum levels of healing ability.  It was created with an internal environment and in an external environment that were conducive to this simple process.  It was created and intended to have available certain elements, minerals and enzymes in the proper ratio, in the correct form and in sufficient supply.

Our environments have changed substantially since Creation, both externally and internally.  Once you learn what the body no longer produces on its own you will find out how you can give back that which the body was intended to have, you will no longer worry with dis-ease.  In fact there is no reason to give thought to dis-ease but only to simply enjoy better health.

If you truly want to learn the secret to better health, how to help the body heal, then this is the last health book you will ever need to have.

If you can not find the solution you are looking for in this manual, I’ll give your money back.

You now have an opportunity to truly make a difference. First, help yourself. Become your own best testimony. Then share it with others as I am doing.

You will find in this book how to help any body recover it’s God given abilities to heal itself and achieve better health the natural way . Your risk now is that you will want to spend your life telling everyone that will listen.

Don’t wait.  Here are some of the things you will learn:

# How to help your body and the body of those you care for reclaim their ability to maintain an environment that will not host cancer cells.  You will learn exactly what to do to create a cancer free body within 30 to 45 days.

# How within 3 weeks, anyone can return a body to a state that will be healing itself of Parkinson, diabetes, heart disease and the many other degenerative diseases that people struggle with today.  Get ready to share what you learn.  This book will be yours to use as you see fit to help yourself and others.  Share it with your patients, your staff and your family members.

This is the most timely and vital information that I have found.  It has been verified and is backed with the scientific proof.   Everyone is invited to join me in a new health care reform that means nothing more than helping people recover their health in just a matter of weeks.

The information in this manual is NOT based on speculation, nor is it based on theory.   It IS based on Sound Science. They are not here as doctors and will not be diagnosing, prescribing or recommending ‘treatments’ for any disease.  Once you have reviewed this manual you will see as I do, there is no reason for attempting to ‘treat’ any degenerative type disease.  Instead, this is your chance to help the cells do what they were intended to do, which is heal.  A group of independent researchers, now numbering over 5,000, from around the world have “experienced the evidence”. This evidence is now being provided to you in this Better Health Manual.

This manual is a concise and comprehensive compilation of that same information in an easy to understand format complete with charts, graphs, and resources to make it a perfect tool for the busy medical professionals and families.

So think about it, isn’t it time to look at the answers coming from the scientific community?  After all, science is what PROVED the human body was in fact CREATED Perfectly.  The facts provided in the Better Health Manual will allow each man and each woman a choice, so they may make better informed decisions about their future and that of their children as well.

What we are looking at is ~ Health ASSURANCE vs Medical INSURANCE ~The choice is ours.  So if you are  looking for a natural cure for cancer of the pancreas, skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer?   If you are looking for the ‘SOLUTION’ for ANY Health Care Crisis,  you will be arming yourself  with what you need, because this manual provides the EDUCATION, and the RESOURCES to Apply The Knowledge!

The Better Health Manual is a Specialized Publication prepared for Medical Practitioners, Health Care Providers & Families. The Information in this Manual Will Change the way you think about health and disease FOREVER!   The way to better Health is NATURAL, SIMPLE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, Just the way I like it!  It is thorough and complete and scientifically sound.

* This publication is based on Orthomolecular (correct molecule) Science from Advanced Scientific Health

* Easy application of this new found knowledge.

* Access to the works of the Nobel Laureates from their study and findings in Whole Body Health at the Cellular Level.

* Learn WHAT to give back to the body which it was intended to have, in the correct form, in the proper ratio and with an ample supply.

* Learning and Applying this knowledge will give you the proof.

* The Natural Cure for Disease IS the Human Body Itself.

* Now Available for Medical Professionals & Families.

*Better health is ours for the taking and Now is the time!

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