inexpensive family health insurance Articles

inexpensive family health insurance Articles

New privacy rules spur business opportunity (The Pueblo Chieftain Online)
When the federal government released new standards for the protection of patient records through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Dr. Lawrence Anaya realized he''d be doing a lot more paper shredding at his family medical practice. Anaya also realized it could be an opportunity for a new business. With the passage of HIPAA and now the imminent implementation of the federal

Young Adults Need to Consider Insurance Needs ... Really (AgNews)
Young Adults Need to Consider Insurance Needs ... COLLEGE STATION The bags and boxes are packed and in the car, and the first month''s rent is paid on a brand-new apartment. Parents stand misty-eyed on the curb waving good-bye.

Solutions for sick system of health care (The Union)
The problem of medical costs and the ability of our people to cope with them is a problem that is not going to go away and must be addressed. The fact that medical costs are expensive should not be a surprise to anyone.

Mental health offices feel budget pinch (Vail Daily)
EAGLE COUNTY - "Don''t get sick" may be the only health plan for millions of Coloradans, and they might add "don''t get depressed or hooked on drugs" for more comprehensive coverage.

AIG''s Greenberg Felled as Probes of Insurer''s Practices Mounted (

AIG''s Greenberg Felled as Probes of Insurer''s Practices Mounted (
March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Beneath a collection of U.S. presidential snapshots in his wood-paneled anteroom, American International Group Inc. Chairman Maurice ``Hank'''' Greenberg on a January day is rattling off the steps the world''s largest insurer has taken to shore up compliance amidst a fusillade of regulatory investigations.

Senior notes (Milford Daily News)
Ashland Community Center, Senior Center, 162 West Union St. announces the following programs through the Elder Services Office. For more information, call 508-881-0140.

Need good, inexpensive health care? Try Colombia (Sun-Sentinel)
BOGOTA · While Orlando Gonzalez visits his native Colombia, he will bask in the warmth of friends, and get his eyes checked. He will stop by the sauna at his favorite country club, breathe the stinging scent of eucalyptus branches, and get his teeth cleaned.

Thanks Gov. Bredesen (Nashville City Paper)
I''ve absolutely had it with all the bleeding heart letters concerning TennCare. There is no "crisis of huge proportion" ("Put yourself in their shoes," March 8, p. 2).

Letters to the Editor 3-9-05 (Pacifica Tribune)
One of Pacifica''s, no, one of the World''s finest creative minds is no longer with us as of Saturday, Feb. 26. Jef Raskin''s death causes ripples of sadness throughout many circles.