Treatment for Panic Attacks

Treatment for Panic Attacks

To explain the nature and dynamics of panic attacks it is important to understand the triune nature of the brain. This view depicts our brain as divided in three self-aware layers. these layers govern respectively reason, emotions, and instinct.

Now, every client i have seen with panic attacks reports that panic attacks are an "irrational" feeling / reaction / event... and let me tell you they are 100% right!

Panic attacks come from our irrational, instinctive part. This part we said is all about instinct and therefore survival. When it comes to survival our instinct can''t be controlled rationally.

Our body sends us two opposite messages which relate to survival: attack or escape. This "escape" message we call panic. Then the question is: why does this happen in unexpected situations? why do you start feeling shaky or choking or hyperventilating?

The answer is because our brain somehow perceives the same pattern as the pattern in the first exposure of the threatening event, whether in the childhood or later in life, and a chain reaction gets activated.

Going back to our triune brain model we can now see how our rationality and emotions contibute to the panic attack. The same fact that you know the panic attack will happen or the worry that builds when you expect it to happen might trigger it.

Recently a friend of mine fainted to the ground while she was on the way to work. she was standing in a train. immediately after the event she developed panic attacks and it would happen everytime she got on a train. in one session this was gone and she could test it in a number of occasions.

A skillful use of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques is necessary to get rid of Panic Attacks, addressing reason, emotions and body feelings.

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