A Green Tea Diet How To

A Green Tea Diet How To

Green tea is a fantastic way to lose weight. Throw away your diet pills and crash diet menus because with those kinds of diet plans, your weight will come back in an instant!

A green tea diet can come in different ways. You can make your own green tea by boiling the leaves, you can buy instant green tea, or you can try the green tea supplements. The choice will boil down to how much time you have to work on this part of your weight loss program, and how much you want to spend.

Make Your Own Green Tea

First, you need to find the tea leaves. Your best bet would be to visit a Chinese (or Japanese) drugstore. Of course, you could also surf the internet and order online. Make sure the item is FDA approved.

Most boxes of tea leaves will come with instructions, hopefully in English. Regardless, it is important to use a porcelain, enamel, or stainless steel pot. Never use a aluminum pot. Boil water and add only about 1 spoon for every 8 cups of tea. Bring it to a boil for about 10 minutes, and cool. Green tea can be drank either cold or hot. If you prefer, you can strain the tea leaves before drinking.

Instant Green Tea

The best green tea you can buy comes from either Japan or China. What makes the best green tea stand out above the rest of the tea variety is the process of preparation. This starts with the right temperature, to the fertilizer used. The tea plant also has to be at the right age, between 5 to 30 years old only. The leaves are steamed to preserve its natural ingredients.

Green Tea Diet Supplements

This is where it can get a little controversial. Green tea diet supplements have been criticized and lambasted by many people. The main reason for this is a cry of outrage over the commercialism of the product. In other words, there are many green tea supplements that simply do not work, and are rising on the coat tails of the green tea popularity.

Thus, to find the right green tea diet supplement to augment your weight loss plan, make sure that the supplement you choose does not contain more than 1500 mg of green tea extract (carefully check any green tea diet pill). A single cup of green tea only contains 50 up to 150 mg, and this is a very acceptable and safe amount. Any amount more than that, can wreak havoc with your kidneys and liver. Take note that there are some green tea diet supplements that will require you to take more than one capsule, so add up the amount of green tea extracts to find out the daily dose.

Green tea diet is a misnomer because green tea on its own will not cause any significant weight loss. Though drinking green tea for weight loss isn’t a bad idea. It will burn fat and convert calories to energy, but if you do not engage in any kind of physical activity and watch your daily calorie intake, then it’s a losing battle, green tea or no green tea. Green tea and weight loss go hand in hand, but you have to put work into it. Your guiding motto should be burn more than you eat, but do not starve yourself.

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