Your ADHD Medication Judgement Might Save Life Of Someone You Cherish  National Health Information

Your ADHD Medication Judgement Might Save Life Of Someone You Cherish National Health Information

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Your ADHD Medication Judgement Might Save Life Of Someone You Cherish

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a psychological condition affecting millions of children and adults around the world, but unfortunately, the commonest sort of ADHD medication has already taken innumerable lives. Now, just before I go any further, I must first stress that I am not a medical examiner, and as a result, anything you browse through inside the paragraphs that follow is based solely on my opinion, and on the unimaginable amount of time I’ve spent investigating this specific condition. In no way is this piece of writing intended to substitute or disrepute specialized medical advice.

I additionally wont be identifying any individual medications, or the pharmaceutical companies which manufacture those treatments. If you want names, you are welcome to use Google Search, and you will obtain all the information you need. What I do want to do nonetheless is inform you of the dangers regarding the most commonly encountered sort of treatment so that maybe you may well avoid the sadness that occurs with the loss of a loved one.

Ever since the 1950s, medical experts have supported use of stimulant drugs for treating a range of psychological issues, and especially for controlling ADHD. Even though the medical community as well as the pharmaceutical companies might give these treatments elegant sounding names, theyre actually only powerful amphetamine-like drugs.

The most commonly prescribed ADHD meds is not only exceedingly habit forming, but it is additionally already taken several young lives. This isnt established on speculation, and I am not mentioning this as part of a scaremongering tactic either. There are plenty of parents out there who can bear testimony to this, and several even have the medications mentioned on the death certificates of their little ones who died.

Each year, millions of prescriptions get issued for these substances, which obviously amount to billions of dollars, so in reality, we are not about to see change. There is just too much money to be made, and the pharmaceutical companies are not going to pass up on this sort of golden opportunity.

Ironically, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency has all of these treatments listed inside the very same group as morphine, cocaine, and opium, yet governments continue to permit young kids as young as six years old to be given these treatments.

Such is the nature of these treatments that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires all packaging to exhibit a Black Box Warning alerting men and women to the proven fact that theyre habit forming, and tend to be known to generate suicidal tendencies, especially if taken by someone affected by depression or anxiety.

Before you comply with your youngster taking prescription ADHD medication, you must always first think about a homeopathic solution as an alternative.

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Your ADHD Medication Judgement Might Save Life Of Someone You Cherish

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