Weight Loss Program-Personal Message from Matt Taylor (yep, that's me)

Weight Loss Program-Personal Message from Matt Taylor (yep, that's me)

are frustrated with the lack of

Matt Taylor -- At your service...

You are between the ages of

25-55 and work full time with added time for the long commutes.

Many of you are also a parent! You have a lot of responsiblity

and very little time to take care of yourself.

So you work out at home

because quite frankly... you don''t have the time to go to the

frustrated because of the lack of results from your workouts. I

understand. I''ve met women on the verge of tears because they

cannot fit into their clothes. And I know many men who are

embarrassed by big guts and cannot take their shirt off

First, you will have to open

up your mind (I know, I know that will be hard to do because

nothing has worked for you in the past). Everything that you

have been told so far about fitness and fat loss is suspect.

of crap being manufactured by the supplement industry or

good-intentioned fitness experts that are simply not

And I have even better news

for you. You DON''T have to spend a lot of money. You CAN get

great results in less hours of working

cutting down the confusion of proper nutrition and effective

That''s it! It really is that

Let me ask you this... Are

you doing a lot of cardio? Whether it is using cardio machines

or jogging or aerobics? If so, know this -- there are much,

better ways to get the results you want in much shorter time.

You would be getting the body you want AND spend more time with

here. I''ve done it all and now I get my complete workouts in

less than an hour, in 2-3 times a week. If you see

the picture of me above... I''m in shape. The best shape of my

reviewed several authors of fitness and health ebooks and

recommended them on my website for a reason. And to be honest

with you. all of them have similiar views when it comes to

books would be who the book was written for and what kind of

to get their pre-baby body back, I recommend you click

here => Fit Yummy Mummy to check out the

ebook written by Holly Rigsby. She is a fitness expert that

got herself back in shape again after having

Some men or women are tired

of their stick figured body and want to pack some defined

muscles (that would be me). I used Vince DelMonte''s ebook,

Building to pack on 25 pounds of muscles

in 6 months. You can do much better than that. Vince was a

skinny, long distance runner and transformed his body and he

won a big bodybuilding competition in Canada!

Others want to know how to

lose body fat. Well, I would have you take a look at Tom

Venuto''s ebook, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

This is one of the most common sense and in-depth book I

have ever read to give you the complete understanding of how

fitness models and bodybuilders look the way the do with

very little body fat. Incidentally, Tom Venuto is a

competitive bodybuilder and knows what he is talking

For many of you, exercise is

boring and dull. It won''t when you take a look at Craig

Ballantyne''s ebook, Turbulence Training. It is packed

with bodyweight exercises that you can do right in your

home! No expensive gym fees. Just your bodyweight. I truly

believe that bodyweight exercises are by far, superior to

"The Muscle Nerd" ebook, Combat the Fat. You see, he is an

ex-military guy that used the formerly "classified" military

secrets as a basis for his book. I enjoy his writing style

and you won''t be bored as you transform your body

into a hardbody that you are PROUD of!

And for those who want to get

the flat, sexy abs or 6 pack abs, you have Michael Geary''s

The Truth About Six Pack Abs. And

the biggest thing you will find is you cannot just target

your stomach to get rid of belly fat. You have to lose body

fat all over to reveal your abs. And Mike is going to give

you specific tips and advice to get you the results you want

because he is THE abs expert.

mentioned above give you everything you need to succeed.

Motivation, great exercises (pictures and even videos) to show

you HOW to do the exercises properly and one of the most

important subject but least regarded by all the lousy fitness

experts and bodybuilding magazines out there... NUTRITION! Eat

the right foods at the right times... and I guarantee you...

And don''t worry, NONE of these

authors will leave you hanging. They all guarantee their

books because they are so confident it is going to

I hope I''ll see you around and don''t

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