Can You Quit Anytime You Want? 5 Signs That You’re Addicted  Health Tips

Can You Quit Anytime You Want? 5 Signs That You’re Addicted Health Tips

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Can You Quit Anytime You Want? 5 Signs That You’re Addicted

Drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances do not affect everyone in the same way.

Some people can use them occasionally and not feel any compulsion to abuse them, but others find themselves quickly hooked, which results in a downward spiral of ill effects on the body and mind, not to mention the bank account as constantly supplying these substances costs a great deal of money.

Here are five signs you might have an addiction.

Are you still doing the things that you need and love to do? If not, you may have a problem. Those who are addicted to drugs often shirk their responsibilities, whether that’s domestic chores or career-related work. They also tend to lose interest in activities they previously found enjoyable, such as playing a sport, watching movies or spending quality time with loved ones.

Not enjoying quality time may point to another sign of addiction, those who have become too dependent on drugs often suffer from strained relationships. If it seems to you that your family and friends have become more distant lately and you aren’t sure why, consider the possibility that you may be neglecting them or driving them away due to substance abuse.

Maybe you have noticed that the activities you do engage in are unsafe. If you drive while under the influence and think nothing of it, that could well be a sign of drug or alcohol addiction. Other risky behavior such as using unsanitary needles or engaging in unprotected sex also tend to go along with drug use.

Have you noticed that your day is increasingly scheduled around when you take your drugs? If you find that they have become the highlight of your day, you probably have a problem, especially if you find yourself thinking about your next hit at every other point during the day.

Finally, do you experience adverse effects when you fail to take drugs or ingest alcohol within the usual time? If you find yourself taking drugs to deal with the withdrawal symptoms produced by not having taken drugs, you probably have an addiction on your hands and will need to seek treatment.

What does this treatment involve? It can be undertaken in several different ways, a rehabilitation center is one good option that will put you in the hands of professionals and the company of fellow addicts for a designated period of time. You may also be able to stay at home but do therapy or go to a 12-step group. But whatever route you so choose to take, understand that it will be a long process, but losing an addiction to drugs or alcohol is worth it.

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Can You Quit Anytime You Want? 5 Signs That You’re Addicted

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