Obesity Of Teenagers

Obesity Of Teenagers

What do you think of PLUS SIZE MODELING?

No offense but I think that sometimes plus size modeling promotes overweight & obesity. Because if overweight teenagers or women see these models, they would probably think that to be overweight could be “glamourous” and well accept. And perhaps they wouldn’t be interested in lose weight.
But in the other hand, I think that being very overweight could be very hard and these women when see these models, would be proud of who they are and forget they have being bullied for being “fat”.
P.S. Ashley Graham is a plus size model that works for the prestigious Ford agency in New York

I think its sick that there is plus sized modeling and the high fashion to skinny modeling

why cant models just be healthy

i think plus sized modeling is great if the girls are not overweight, and the same goings with high fashion…if the girls are skinny yet healthy

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Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence (2 Volumes, Biological, and Social Issues)


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