Is a diet rich in fish and vegetarian dishes extremely healthy?

Is a diet rich in fish and vegetarian dishes extremely healthy?

Is a diet rich in fish and vegetarian dishes extremely healthy?

I have studied biology and nutrition in the past but for the past 2 years I have been on a diet that some consider not necessary. I don’t drink soft drinks, no chips, and eliminated high saturated fat foods and minimized high fructose corn syrup intake.

My diet usually consists of fish, sardines, salmon, rice, oatmeal, various types of green tea, veggies of all kinds, and plenty of fruit. I limit tuna because mercury content.

I eat no red meats at all such as cow, pig, or chicken. I never eat out and when I have it’s a subway or bean burritos.

Does this diet sometimes seem too healthy or not necessary?

I’m healthy and not over or underweight.

Provide your insight if this diet rich in fish and vegetarian dishes is extremely healthy?

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this diet sounds very healthy although fruit is not always so good, keep having fruit just remember it contains alot of sugar

I would say it is good and along with that drink plenty of clean water

Your diet sound very healthy and good for your heart.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as too healthy. As long as you are getting your daily vitamins and minerals, and are also getting adequate amounts of exercise each week, I don’t see anything relatively unhealthy about your diet. There are brands of Tuna that are virtually mercury free. Most fish today have a very low, if not untraceable, amount of mercury in them. You can find them in health food stores such as Whole Foods.

Well, I consider fish to be part of a non-vegetarian diet. Your diet, minus the fish, sounds like an ideal vegetarian diet. At least in my opinion it would be.

According to my research: Fish=Mercury contamination, Mercury=toxic so probably not

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