How to Get Paid from Taking Surveys

How to Get Paid from Taking Surveys

Get paid from taking surveys ! Yes, answering surveys can bring us a money too. Whether online, printed,or product trials, a lot of top site surveys are willing to pay a reward for your personal opinion and reviews. The rewards depend from each company whose conducting the survey. Rewards are either in terms of check, points convertible to vouchers, or cash directed to your PayPal account. You can select from the said options above how are going to be paid. If you prefer vouchers, they offer from wide selection of shops, malls and well known grocery store within your registered location.

How to Get some Surveys and How to Start?

  • Find and register to a company(survey site) offering paid surveys. Later I will list some of the company that I had work with before.
  • Complete your profile. Usually they call this profiling. It is a list of questions that you need to answer truthfully for the survey site to determine the appropriate surveys they will be sending to you.
  • A survey consist of either set of questions, videos, or invitation for a verbal survey through phone. There are instances too that you are required to go to there office for actual survey or they will send you a product to test and give them your review after.
  • There are rules and step on how to redeem your price such as you need to accumulate a minimum of $10 or 500 points before making any claim in terms of the reward option you had chosen.

How Long is the Survey?

Duration of each survey can be short like 2 minutes or can take up to 45 minutes.Long surveys can take with breaks and you can just go back anytime you want it to continue. Usually before you will start a survey, they will indicate the approximate duration and the type of survey you are about to take.

How Much can You Earn from each Survey?

Well this is as per survey site but I’ll give you an example:

1. Valued opinions

For 5-40 minutes survey they pay around $0.75-$10

2. AIP Online survey

For 5-40 minute survey it is equivalent to 30-500 points and 500 points can be redeem for a $10 voucher

For other rewards, a 550 points can be converted to $10 cash credited to your paypal account.

How many Surveys can you Take?

As many as you can. However, you may not be eligible or qualified to all the survey of a particular survey site , so I suggest you register to at least 5 sites offering this kind of business so you can maximize your profit from this type of income opportunity.

Survey Sites you Can Register for FREE and start IMMEDIATELY

1. Global Test market

2. Valued Opinions

3. AIP

4. Opinion Bureau

5. Toluna

6. Opinion world

7.” Ann and Kate” Survey Request


There are some instances that during the survey you may be screened out, meaning based from your answers the system automatically detect that this particular survey is not right for you so the survey ends. However they still reward you with points as consolation.

Some survey sites ask for registration fee. It’s up to you but I suggest to be safe with all the scams out there don’t take it. There are a lot of survey sites who doesn’t charge any cent for you to work with them.

Answering surveys is not a quick rick source of income but instead of doing nothing this is a profitable way to spend your free hours.

Being in front of a computer for the whole day is not healthy so have time to relax, exercise and get some fresh air.

Here you go, don’t waste your time thinking of a way on how to earn extra. Spend your time wisely answering surveys, have fun giving out your opinion and earn at the same time. Thank you guys for your time and I hope this will help you a lot. If you need any help regarding this topic just type your question on the comment section and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible. You might want to see the other pages of my website, they were inspirational and you can have a lot of tips on it. Thank you and CHEERS !!!!!

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