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Fat – a silver lining In The Best Of Health

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Many years ago I was a tad on the fat side and whilst not the best thing for my health it did have one small positive point and that was that I was too heavy to skydive. The UK limit at that time was 15 and a half stone and I was a few dozen indian takeaways past that. It’s the same with bungee jumping too and I was pleased to heat it. Whist my chums at the office were doing mas stuff at the drop of a hat I managed to get out of leaping from anything higher than a curb stone for about 10 years.

Now as I canter towards 50 and after getting my diet under control I find myself worryingly well inside the weight limit and oddly considering doing the unthinkable and jumping out of a plane. It started a few weeks ago when I came across an episode of the series “Dropped” on you tube. Dropped is a kind of viral advertising ploy by the beer manufacturer Heineken where people are literally dropped into situations well outside their comfort zone. The episode I stumbled upon had a blindfolded guy who thought he was in a vintage sports car but in fact was seated in an old plane. The seatbelt harness was a parachute and well you can guess the rest

So that got me thinking and as I will be in Vegas for my birthday, why not. Lots of crazy things happen in Las Vegas so me dressed as Elvis leaping from a plane does actually not seem too difficult to imagine really.

I have changed my mind about 10 times in the last month or so and am secretly hoping that my weight somehow changes quite dramatically and I end up too fat to do it. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, I need to take the bull by the horns and book the jump. As anybody that knows me will say I might be a scaredy cat but if there is one thing I wont do its pay for something and not do it. I am far too “careful” with my money than to waste it!

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